Makau Mutua Believes Raila Odinga Will Get 60% Votes From Mt Kenya Region.

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Makau Mutua who is among the allies of Azimio LA umoja today stated that I predict come August 9, Mr Odinga will Carry Mountain with percentage north of 60% per cent. Regionally I have no doubt that Ms Karua will succeed Jubilee's Uhuru Kenyatta as GEMA Queen pin. She is the new sheriff in the Mountain. She the return of Mumbi.

Hezron tweeted, "If such people are advising Raila then mzee really need new campaign team who won't lie to him, how can you be advised with someone who has been living in USA the rest of his life about current Kenya politics surely?"

Ravindran tweeted, "I also have no doubt in my mind, Martha Karua is the most Chauvinist Kikuyu only after Jomo. So, it's natural for Jomo son to settle on Martha. On the other hand conman Odinga, Kalonzo, Makau Mutua and so on would die to keep Kenyans a tribalistic society so they remain relevant."

Ron tweeted, "The best for you is to go back to USA to study statistics u're a shaming fake title Prof 60%? or you wanted to write 6% because this is what Azimio is likely to get if central will be merciful to Martharao!"

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