Check Out The Extent Of Injury Suffered By A Vulcanizer Who Was Assaulted By Soldiers In Wa


There was a viral video on social media on Tuesday, 1st July 2021 showing how some military men were brutalizing innocent civilians on the roadside. This unfortunate took place in Wa. Many Ghanaians got furious and disappointed in the military service for such an unlawful act but the Chief of Army Staff, Major General Thomas Oppong Peprah was in Wa yesterday, Friday, 2nd July 2021 to apologize to traditional leaders.

Speaking to the traditional leaders, he stated that the Ghana Armed Forces will not sit down for a few of their men to destroy the image of the service. He, therefore, promised that the Ghana Armed Forces will do everything to bring the perpetrators to book so that such occurrences do not happen again. The pictures show the extent of the injury suffered by Mahama Gafaru, a vulcanizer who is among the dozens of people assaulted by soldiers in Wa.

Looking at the x-ray of Mahama Gafaru, he now has some broken bones as a result of the soldiers' brutality. Some Ghanaians after coming across these pictures asked whether he will be able to walk again and how soon? Others also asked that who will take care of him till he gets back on his feet to go about his normal routine?

Looking at the picture above the young man seems to be in severe pain. It is about time the leadership of this country scrutinizes our security services and fish out the bad nut in the Ghana Police Service and the Ghana Armed Forces.