Imagine You Dodge Your Mom's Slap And It Landed On Your Dad's Face And Other Funny Pictures


Enjoy your day with this funny pictures and jokes.

1. How to fall in love

Step 1: Dig a hole

Step 2 : Name it love

Step 3 : fall in love

2. Instead of buying pad every month , why don't you get pregnant and rest for nine month.

3. Everyday you always find someone to take you out are you a cripple?

4. My phone was about to fall down , and you know what saved it? My earpiece your earpod can't relate.

5. I love sharing joked more than chatting because I don't know what to discuss with people's boyfriends and girlfriends.

6. Short guys act like everything is okay but deep down they also wants high heels.

7. Immediately when my daughter starts developing body change I'm buying a gun.

8. Tall girls are for tall guys

Short girls are for tall guys

Only God knows who are for short guys

9. After 6 hot slap from Nigerian mom she will be like, I won't touch you until your dad comes back from work , the slap is it registration.

10. When my girlfriend is tweaking the only thing that shake is her head.

11. On my wedding, my wife and I will kiss for straight 3 hour and you must wait for that 3 hours, if not no food for you.

12.The person who taught me how to load airtime from my bank account, only God will judge you , I have load all my school fee money finish.

When the teacher starts announcing scores and the person you copied scored 1/10.

Which number get you laughing?