Commit Your Day Into The Hands Of God As You Go Out Today

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The Lord has been merciful to us in recent Mondays, and this is the last Monday of the month. Monday is the opening day of the week, and it is critical that we entrust the rest of the week to the Lord. The Lord has been gracious to us in every way, and we owe it to him to thank and adore him for allowing you to see the first Monday of September. Commit your day to the Lord before you go for the day.

Heavenly Father, we thank you for keeping us throughout the night

We thank you for protecting from from all the evil pestilences

We thank you for covering us with your blood as we slept

As we go out today, please let your presence abide with us

Anywhere we will go and your presence will not go with us, please don't allow us go there

Cover us with your blood Lord and deliver us from every Father, as we go out today, Accident shall not be our portion

Cover us with your blood Lord

As we go out today, deliver us from all the works of the enemies Lord

Death shall not be our portion as we go out Lord

Household accident shall not be our portion Lord

Calamity shall not be our portion Lord

We shall go out and come back safely

Take over any vehicle we will take today Lord

We shall not die but live to declare your works in the land of the Living

Your mercy shall speak for us today Lord

Thank you for answering our prayers LORD

At the end of the day, give us all cause to glorify your name Lord

Speak to us today Lord in the language that we understand

Deliver us from mistakes Lord

In Jesus mighty name we pray


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