Tears As Body Of Deceased Caroline Finally Arrives in Kenya After Dying In Unclear State


Photo courtesy. used for illustration purposes only

The body of Caroline Aluoch who went to Gulf for employment arrived in the country today. She passed on under unclear circumstances that the family is now demanding for answers for the government. According to citizen TV news reports. She called her sister claiming that her employers were planning to kill her after falling from heights while cleaning windows.

This is one of many cases reported in the country where people are dying in middle East while searching for employment. Families of the those affected are now asking the government to block those heading to Gulf.

Here are some reactions.

"Unemployment is the reason youths in kenya get into terrorism and the terrorists have known that Kenyan youths are jobless. I'm here jobless right now and my country don't and can't give me any job why should I say no when someone is willing to pay millions to join them?" Posted David.

"I think the government should call this journey to an end. Then the question is, why is it that only ladies have job vacancies in Saudi Arabia. Just wondering" posted Debra.

"The high unemployment rate in Kenya is unsustainable. Blame it on corruption and poor governance. It's the reason why youth travel out of the country in search of greener pastures and unfortunately end up in such circumstances. But these Arabs, how were they created?" Posted Mark.

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