Great foreplay is no match to sex – Dr. Sarbah

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According to Dr. Kwaku Sarbah, the founder of Sabash Herbal Centre, no amount of foreplay would ever compare to the joy of sexual activity. In order to complete the process of falling in love, he contends that males must engage in sex as well, even after intense foreplay.

Dr. Sarbah remarked, "Every woman wants to 'cum' during sex and no matter what you do to them, they believe it's not complete until your penis is inside of them," in an interview with Adwen on the "In Bed with Adwen Show" on Ghana.

He made it clear that this is one of the problems that plague the majority of marriages and partnerships.During foreplay, the man might use all of his effort, and the woman might even "cum." He didn't stick his penis in her pussy, so she doesn't view it as sex, he claimed.

He claimed that while most men might feel they have accomplished enough after accomplishing this, this is not the case for women. He said that when women start to feel differently, some even go back to their ex-partners to satisfy their needs.

"Therefore, men who enjoy doing this should stop in order to preserve their relationships and marriages. While some men are simply lazy and only think about themselves, others are truly weak in bed and require assistance.

Men who wait less than one to three minutes after intercourse are ill, Dr. Sarbah noted. They need to be treated right away because their penis is fragile.

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