The key things you need to know about fears and having the right mindset.

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 One of the greatest enemy of man is Fear,This four letter word had really dealt with many people that they don't know their stand again.

  Many because of Fear had failed to Take A decision That would have Changed Their Life, sometimes when we pray God lays some solution in our hearts but Because of Fear we procrastinate and keep it aside.

  If you come to a point where you don't longer Allow how you Feel determine how you act automatically you have Reach to That point where everything is possible.....

  Sometimes we have The Word of God that Contains all the solution To every problem we face in life But because of Our unbelieve,we still remain in the Phase we are with no Change.

  That Same word you don't Act on Has the ability of Moving you from one phase to Another.

  Aaaaaah Our generation has lost it,we don't longer go to God to Seek Solution to our problems rather we allow the Circumstances and what people say matter more What The Elohim is Saying.

  Fear has a way To make you feel that you are not Capable But The Lord had placed ability in Us,to overcome every circumstances That comes our way....

  There are people that when you Bring business proposal that will bring changes to Their lives instead of acting their response will always be :what if,What if,What if....

What if... Had led to unfulfill destiny,Remember that there is Nothing impossible with God,one of the greatest battle you will fight as man living on Earth is the Ability to win war Over your mind.

  Because if your mind succeed in placing a limitation on you,it will only Take the grace of God for you To scale Through.

 God is ever Faithful,too faithful to Fail that if there is any Problem it is from us and Not him.

  Some had prophesy over Their lives but Because of Fear, had allowed Negativity to Take over their Life.

  The Actions you don't take Today you all regret Tommorow,Stand up,Trust in God,Choose not to allow how you feel determine your fate But rather allow what God is saying to be roof over your Head.

  The grace of God is Sufficient,and There is Nothing you Can not do as far as you are in him.with him all Things are possible.

  Father take away the Spirit of Fear and give us Faith.....

( Extract From Pastor Innocent Chukwu, Direction Chapel International,DCI)

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