What Laikipia Residents Reportedly Told Rigathi Gachagua About Ruto's 2022 Presidency

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Mp Rigathi Gachagua got a positive response from Laikipa residents as he toured the region trying to popularize KKA and selling Dp Ruto's presidential bid.

In a video posted by Inoroo TV, residents came out in large number to attend the KKA political rally. Rigathi Gachagua interacted with the residents as they discussed about their political issues. The Lakipia residents vowed to support KKA and Dp Ruto's presidential bid.

One of the Laikipia leaders reportedly told Rigathi Gachagua that he wishes that KKA government will create job opportunities for the unemployed youths in the county. Also to build road and infrastructures in the county and to enhance safety and security in the region.

Rigathi Gachagua went ahead and promised the residents that deputy president William Ruto will visit Lakipia to have a forum charter with the residents. And they will discuss and interact with the residents about the economic growth and all other political interests.

This happen as deputy president William Ruto and KKA delegates are expected to launch his manifestos on 30th June at Kasarani Stadium.


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