Take A Look At The 5 Most Adored Footballers In The World (Photos)


Below are the 5 most loved footballers in the world. These players are loved by their fans and rivals all alike.

5. David Silva

David Silva is a midfielder, his graceful style of play and the ability to pick out his teammates even in the toughest of circumstances makes him a player anyone would want in their respective teams.

4 Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah was a revelation in the Premier League. He spearheaded Liverpool to the UCL finals. Salah scored a winning penalty that gave Egypt a place at FIFA World Cup for the first time after 1990. He did some commendable charitable work in his country which earned him a rightful place on this list.

3. Ivan Rakitic

Fans love players who give it their all on the pitch. And Rakitic's amazing dedication when he is on the field of play has gained him admirers throughout the world.

His selfless dedication and services to his country, not to mention his silent nature and lifestyle off the pitch, have definitely made him one of those rare players that football lovers cannot hate.

2 Luka Modric

When Modric was signed by Real Madrid, he was voted as one of the worst signings the club had ever made. Six years later, the fans were thanking Jose Mourinho for bringing him to the Bernabeu, viewing his mammoth contributions in the club's most successful era of all time.

Modric's performances in the World Cup backed by his heroics for Real has made a place for him in the heart of football fans regardless of the teams they support.

1 N'Golo Kante

Kante is very good when on the pitch but is almost a non-entity off it, because of his shy nature. His ability to perform where it matters makes him an adored personality in the football world.

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