10 Amazing Photos of cat-human look alike you should see

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There are times when a person and an animal have such a striking resemblance that you can mistakenly believe they share the same soul.

In this post, I'll show you a snapshot of people who look like their cats.

They were photographed by Gerrard Gethings, a skilled animal photographer whose latest project involves matching humans with their cat doppelgängers. The likeness is striking and beautiful.

The photographer has perfectly replicated the same spirit by using their hair, features, and colors. It would have been fantastic if the individuals in the photograph were cat owners, but that is not the case.

They're actually models who were chosen to look like the cats in the photos.

#1 Do You Have a Cat-like Appearance?

#2 Albert And Gunther (Exotic Longhair)

#3 Buttons And Nancy (Scottish Fold)

#4. Marielle and Jacques (Silver Maine Coon)

#5 Hubert And Matthew (Abyssinian)

#6 Do You Have a Cat-like Appearance?

#7. Tobias and Hero (Moggy)

#8 Do You Have a Cat-like Appearance?

#9 Angelique and Elisabeth (Khao Manee)

#10 Do You Have a Cat-like Appearance?

#11 Do You Have a Cat-like Appearance?

Which cat-human partnership do you think is the most fascinating or the best?

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Which of number looks like human most?

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