Polokwane is saddened by a terrible crush that happened between taxi and sedan, 2 people lost lives

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Tax drivers as always, 90 percent of the accidents that happens, you will always find them being part of it. If you look at the accidents that most South Africans are crying with, it is most caused by the behaviour of taxi drivers in the road. I don't know weather taxi drivers themselves don't get tired of being blamed and pointed fingers for the accidents deaths happening in our roads.

A person must have conscious, take into consideration the tears of other people. The universe and God records every till drop against you and the same tear may bring judgement on you one day. So taxi drivers must behave, many of them end with gunshots, accidents and strange sicknesses, it is the tears of the people.


(BREAKING NEWS) 2 people dies on Matlala Road due to car accident.

Two people have been declared dead on a fatal car accident involving one taxi and two cars on Matlala road after Extension 44 outside Polokwane.

All services are on the scene

More details to come.

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