Psoriasis - A disturbing infection that destroys the skin; Causes and Treatment


Skin is a connective tissue which serves as a barrier for foreign body or ther invasive substances to enter. It is the first point of contact of the body. Psoriasis is a skin infection by which the skin cells build up and form scales and itchy dry patches on the body. This is a rare condition which cause is idiopathic but there are some precipitating factors that brings about the condition.

Psoriasis can happen to everyone both young or old and male or female. Sometimes It starts as a red patch on the skin and later graduates to scales which becomes itchy. In some cases too it starts like a few red bumbs on the skin which later gets larger and thicker and forms scales on top of the skin. It can spread through all parts of the body and can easily bleed.

Causes or Risk factors

Immune system response or Genetics may be the cause of psoriasis but other triggering factors include

1. Stress

2. Alcohol consumption

3. Cold weather

4. Infection

5. Drug allergy - when one is allergic to certain drugs, after taking it there can be serious allergic reactions that can lead to psoriasis. When it is noticed early, treatment can be easier.

Signs and Symptoms

1. Rash on the skin, nails and joints.

2. Skin dryness

3. Peeling of the skin.

4. Redness

5. Severe itching at the site

Treatment or Medical Management

Treatment depends on the severity of the condition. Doctor will prescribe topical gels and ointments to aid in removing the scales and dryness of the skin. Shampoos that contains salicylic acid may also be prescribed for the patient to bath with daily to soothe the skin and removes the patches of the skin.

Other steroid creams will also be helpful to stop the allergy. In other cases, photo therapy or UV light therapy is required. Vitamin supplement such as vitamin A is also given. Treatment requires or demands time there there must be total adherence or compliance to treatment to cure the disease.