Current And Best Ways To Install Your Pop Ceiling Designs (Photos)

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If you are planning for a trendy false ceiling, then you are in the right place! Depending on the expected outcome and budget, many materials are available for ceilings. The popular among them is Plaster of Paris or Pop Ceiling designs, reputed for stylish and elegant looks, economical pricing, and easy installation process.

The phrase “Pop” stands for Plaster of Paris, which is a waterless form of Gypsum. It is available as a dry powder, which needs to mix with water to form a paste. The paste is then molded to create different types of false ceilings like Recessed, T-bar, Suspended, etc., depending on the individual requirements.

In this article, we will be looking at some well-designed and current pop ceiling styles you may like to install in your homes.

1. Living Room Pop Ceiling. Check out this modern pop ceiling design which adds a touch of elegance to your room. The four corners of the roof are made with a Pop suspended ceiling and in the center, a hollow T-bar is added. You can add wallpaper, textured finish, or even colored lights in the open space to brighten up the environment.

2. Bathroom Pop Ceiling Designs. Seen here is a very different ceiling concept for your bathroom. If you are on the top floor or have no other floors above your portion, you can try this exposed ceiling. The main roof is created with Plaster of Paris, leaving a hollow center. A glass is added, which can serve a dual purpose – utilize natural lighting and give you a beautiful bathroom experience.

3. Store Pop Ceiling Design. One of the best ways to attract customers to your shop is to go for a beautifully done décor. Part of the credit goes to this spending ceiling design, which also adds to the overall functionality. The high-low ceiling creates different sections of the same store, without the need for a physical wall. Bright LED lights and AC vents in strategic positions offer an enjoyable retail experience.

4. Inflexible Pop Ceiling Design. This ceiling design is a perfect combination of traditions and modernity. The contemporary Pop ceiling is accentuated with sturdy wooden logs, which remind us of the typical old homes. The use of cove lighting sets the right mood and environment in the room. We are in awe of how this concept is taken further with the wooden elements on the sidewall.

5. Ring Shape Pop Design. Circular ceilings have a massive advantage over square or rectangular ones. Using a round element in the center gives us the illusion of an airy feel in the room. Plus, it also makes the area appear larger than it is. Here is one such idea which is suitable for voluminous halls and meeting rooms. Use the centers for hanging decorative lamps for better aesthetics.

6. Square Pop Design. For a perfect square-shaped room, this idea beats the rest. The roof is designed with Pop and frosted glass panes to form this unique structure. Adding concealed lights keeps the interiors well lit, but not blinding bright. Using such ideas can reduce dependency on the rest of the accessories, as it alone suffices to draw attention.

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