How much tuna to eat to improve mass, strength, and physical performance

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Canned tuna is a perfect food for those over 65 who are losing muscle mass: this food allows them to gain strength and sturdiness. The nutritionist explains how tuna can improve health and how much you should eat a week to get the benefits you want.

Canned tuna is recommended to increase muscle mass and consequently strength and physical performance, especially for people over 65. To give us this news is the nutritionist Pietro Migliaccio, president emeritus of the Italian Society of Food Science, which highlights the benefits of this food for our health.

Muscle tone

The expert explains that canned tuna is perfect for the diet of people between 65 and 74 as it contains substances that are good for muscle health. According to the Osservasalute report, 30% of adults over the age of 60 and 50% of those over 80 suffer from sarcopenia.

Sarcopenia, what it is

Sarcopenia is a phenomenon that affects the loss of muscle mass and it is consequently associated with the reduction of strength and physical performance. In short, a general weakening. What to do, then? From a nutritional point of view, the experts explain that the ideal thing is to opt for a balanced diet both in terms of quantity and quality: it is necessary to ensure an appropriate daily intake of noble proteins rich in essential amino acids.

How much tuna to eat

It is therefore interesting to know, speaking of tuna, how much we should eat to stay healthy. The expert nutritionist claims that "the consumption of tuna two or three times a week stops or at least reduces sarcopenia and allows the recovery of muscle mass", therefore it helps the muscle tone of elderly people. But how? It is a food that contains proteins of high biological value and precious nutrients for the health of the heart and arteries, we are talking about omega 3 fatty acids.

Moreover, tuna is rich in vitamins and mineral salts with a strong antioxidant power, which they have the ability, therefore, re to counteract the processes of aging and improve cognitive-cerebral functions, as well as the health of bones and teeth. Tuna is a food suitable for this age because it is easy to chew and find, it is very digestible, it has no preservation problems and it is not very expensive.


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