SAD: The Painful Death Of These South African Celebrities Will Leave You In Tears

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In the entertainment world, the passing of a superstar is never easy, but in certain circumstances, the stars died prematurely. Unfortunately, Prokid was one of the artists who abruptly and unexpectedly left our world. Here is a list of the most startling celebrity deaths of the last several decades.


Shona Ferguson

The media mogul Shona Ferguson startled the entertainment industry, his fan base, and the entire world with his shocking announcement. The film marker passed away on Friday, July 31, due to problems with Covid 19. His followers were shocked, and his death sent shockwaves throughout South Africa. Many of his followers posted images of him on social media with condolences for the Ferguson family.

Menzi Ngubane: Image source @InstagramMenzi Ngubane: Image source @Instagram

Menzi Ngubane

Ngubane was placed on a waiting list for a kidney transplant in 2015 due to his recurrent renal problems. In 2016, he underwent a life-saving operation that allowed him to continue his career. Menzi has always been forthright about his health issues, and he has worked relentlessly to increase public understanding of renal disease in general. Just as his family believed he was on the mend, the rugged actor was tragically killed in an accident. The entire nation of South Africa was stunned and saddened by his death.

Luzuko Ntelelko: Image source @InstagramLuzuko Ntelelko: Image source @Instagram

Luzuko Ntelelko

When the news of the 36-year-old death of renowned South African actor Luzuko Ntelelko surfaced, it went viral on social media. According to his family, Luzuko was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer in 2019 and has been attempting to recover in order to live till his untimely death on June 21, 2021.

The Most Shocking Celebrity Deaths  

Mshoza Wamaboza: Image Source @IstagramMshoza Wamaboza: Image Source @Istagram

Mshoza Wamaboza

Mshoza's death in the entertainment industry triggered widespread grief and loss across the nation a year ago. Mshoza's death at the age of 37 prompted an international outpouring of condolence letters. The Kortes musician died peacefully while asleep.

Prokid Linda Mkhize: Image source @GoogleProkid Linda Mkhize: Image source @Google


While visiting a friend in Johannesburg's central business district on August 8, 2018, Linda Mkize passed away. Immediately following the announcement of his death, media outlets around the nation organized tribute tribes. Since he had shared so many dreams on the ever-popular Twitter, many South Africans were stunned by his passing.Lundi Tyamara: Image source @InstagramLundi Tyamara: Image source @Instagram

Lundi Tyamara

The gospel singer Lundi died in 2017 after a lengthy struggle with stomach TB and liver disease. Just months before to being diagnosed with a terminal illness, Tymara created his farewell song, which offers consolation to the bereaved. His passing brought tears to the eyes of the entire nation, including that of the president.

Sfiso Ncwane: Image source @Instagramfiso Ncwane: Image source @Instagram

Sfiso Ncwane

The award-winning gospel vocalist passed away due to renal failure complications. The entire nation of South Africa was in shock over his untimely death, which prompted tributes and admiration for his abilities from around the globe. Even South Africa's former president, Jacob Zuma, paid him honor at his funeral, calling him "one of the country's greatest musical assets"

Fassie, Brenda

The singer died at home as a result of an asthma attack that caused heart failure and brain damage. The celebrity died at the age of 39.


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