Sani Right About Saying That The Solution Is Not Near If Cops Can't Track Obasanjo's Staff Abductors

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A while ago, Senator Shehu Sani made it known in his Twitter page that if cops in Nigeria can't track those who kidnapped ex president Obasanjo's staff, the solution to insurgency is not near, but is that right?

Insurgency, lack of adequate security, and threats to the tribes in Nigeria's unity, are things that are threatening to break the country apart. Insurgents are no longer afraid to attack anyone in the country again.

Shehu Sani posted that a staff of ex president Olusegun Obasanjo, who served as Nigeria's first civilian president after the military regime, was kidnapped in the southern part of Nigeria by unknown gunmen.

This is the first of such attack in the south of Nigeria, as these kinds of attacks usually take place in the North where banditry and insurgents activities is high. It came as a surprise, and Shehu Sani reacted to this.

Shehu Sani said that the kidnapping just confirms the dangerous spread of abductions in all parts of the country, and he said that the solution is not near if the cops cannot track the kidnappers.

What Senator Shehu Sani said is logical and is right. Below are the reasons why Shehu Sani might be right that the solution is not near if the kidnappers can't be tracked down.

Despite the high rate of attacks in the Northern parts of Nigeria, the South is always calm and at order. It should not be a problem for policemen to track the kidnappers, except the kidnappers are getting wiser and tactical.

If kidnapping starts in the south due to this case motivating other kidnappers, people in the Southern parts of Nigeria might soon start dealing with high rate of kidnappings like those in the North.

The South have several technological tools for tracking, but if these kidnappers can't be tracked despite the fact that they abducted a high government official, then the solution might not be near like Shehu Sani said.

. Is Shehu Sani right about what he said on the kidnapping?

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