How to Remove All Annoying Ads From Your Phone


Ads on the start screen. Ads on the menu screen. Ads on the lock screen. Ads ads ads, ads everywhere! Arrggghh.

I know that feeling of having to come across annoying ads every single minute of using your Android device. It also becomes extremely irritating in case you clicked accidentally on an ad, which may make your device to hang.

Unfortunately, many people have experienced this problem and they continue to suffer silently because, unlike you reader, they did not have a chance to come across this article!

Well, I know I can be really talkative at times and forget the real purpose of my talk: which is to show you The Easiest Way To Remove Those Annoying Advertisements From Your Device.

Those Android users experiencing the ad problem probably use the HiOS Launcher Application. The apps are displayed in multiple places; majorly on the bottom of Favourites App and Home Screen (see screenshots below):

If you have smiled a little, I know you can feel my pain. Let's continue. There is also a boring home screen which spams your device with boring news like mine below.

I remember saying that I can be a bit talkative and forget our real purpose. You must forgive me on that small matter. Now let's get serious a bit.

The Process of Removing ALL Ads

1. Long-press on an empty section of the screen. It should show the options below. Click on Desktop Setting.

2. Scroll downwards and look for Other Settings. Click on it.

3. You will find a long list of toggle options. Turn OFF some of them as shown below:

As simple as that and you are done!

I really want to continue talking but I will save the rest for another day.

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