I stayed but you do not have to. Walk away while you still can. Do not be a statistic.

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A woman named Miss T had advice for women in abusive relationships. She stated:

"I stayed but you don't have to. Walk away while you still can. Don't be a statistic".

Miss T then shared pictures of herself before the fire ruined her face. Yes, miss T was burnt alive and her baby murdered by the baby's father. The man got a 10 year sentence, five of which was suspended. Her burns are on most of her body and have left her disfigured.

Above all that her mission is to fight gender based violence and to remove the stigma around burn survivors.

Miss T's pinned tweet reads:

Yes I was burnt by my baby daddy.

Yes he killed my baby.

Yes he took away my career.

Above all I choose to rise.

In a country with rampant gender based violence (25% to 40% of women will have suffered violent/sexual abuse in their lifetime) women like Miss T serve as a reminder to those who may choose to stay in these abusive relationships.

That little apology he gives you after slapping you or kicking you in the stomach could one day take your life or the life of your child.

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