"Nigerians now vote people, if you present rubbish candidate you will go home" – Timi Dakolo

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A popular Nigerian musician, Timi Dakolo has reacted to the outcome of the Osun state governorship election in which Jackson Adeleke of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) won the election.

While many controversial topics are being discussed on social media as to why the ruling party, APC, lost to the oppositional party like PDP. Many people believe the people of Nigeria are getting tired of voting for a political party. Instead, the people are already going after the candidates who are competent and have what it takes to govern them.

A renounced Nigerian musician, Timi Dakolo, also commented on the subject matter by stating that the people of Nigeria have now re-strategized how they pick their leaders.

Timi Dakolo said;

"Nigerians now vote people, if you like to be the ruling party or a strictured party if you present a rubbish candidate. You will go home."

This simply shows that the 2023 general election will be full of awesome happenings since the people are more concerned about the candidates and not their parties.

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