Little Known Reasons Why Retired Men Are Rare To Get


Retirement refers to the time of life when one chooses to permanently leave the workforce behind. In Kenya and other developing countries, it has been set at a maximum of 60 year although one can also decides to rest early.

Although it's meant to make one relax at home and saves the little energy left after long time working, sometimes all doesn't go as expected and some individuals even dies early. As aired by NTV, men are the most affected due to the following reasons:

1. Are affected by stress which immediately sets in. This is especially when a retiree used do earn alot of money and stayed high in the society. This behaviour make them not to save anything for this crucial stage

2. Disturbance from dependants. They are expected to meet their needs just like before regardless whether they have cash or not. For example, paying of school fees, rent and buying food. In most cases if they fail to do so, they are discriminated and this cause depression that sends them to the grave.