Opinion:White Squatter Camps, Here is why they are hidden from the media.

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If there is one things that many South Africans do not know about, it is white squatter camps. However as I provide an explanation for later in this text, there is a excellent motive for it. Below is my rationalization, in addition to a look into those camps that exist a all round South Africa and is constantly left out by human beings and the media. 

White Squatter Camps exist everywhere, however they're not popularized. These camps are precisely the same as black squatter camps. They have the precise same problem and issues, the handiest that separates these corporations are the coloration of their skin and the fact that when out attain programs go out to assist human beings, they very hardly ever assist white squatter camps. The cause for that is very tragic and it must lay doubt to each aspect you understand and consider South Africa.

I believe that the reason why you don't see white squatter camps in the media is as it doesn't fit the narrative. At the instant it appears very a good deal that black human beings are the victims in South Africa. Even decades after apartheid have ended, it looks as if black humans are nonetheless residing in poverty and struggling. While this is real to some extent, it's not the entire reality. The completely truth is that every one races, such as white and Indians are nonetheless stricken by poverty. If these white squatter camps are shown inside the media, that it's going to display that all and sundry in South Africa are oppressed. However to preserve the reality hidden, maintain making black humans appear like sole sufferers, they stay hidden and are not helped in any way.

The sad fact is that matters in South Africa are extra equal than it appears, both successes and suffering are felt with the aid of all races. However the media has to push a story and that narrative affects such a lot of human lives. What do you observed of these observations, inform me inside the comments and follow for more information because it takes place.

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