Did you not tell us that you are the best managers of Covid-19- Sam George fires NPP.


Over the week, various social media platforms has been flooded with the comments of angry Ghanaians promoting Agenda FixTheCountry which demands the NPP government to heal the country from the status quo, owing to the persistent increases in prices, taxes inter alia.

Speaking to Gh one, an avid member of the National Democratic Congress, Hon. Sam George has expressed his disappointment over several disturbing criticisms the NPP made during their time in opposition and even some claims the NPP are still making. He lamented that upon all the braggings of the NPP the country is still retrogressing. He said the NPP government told Ghanaians that they are the best managers of Covid-19, hence they must do better than this.

According to him, the government must stop comparing Ghana to Togo and Benin who do not have enough of resources as compared to Ghana. He said Togo and Benin are even giving out cheques to its citizens whiles we are taking money from the already burdened Ghanaians. He said the government's philosophical approach employed in these times are draconian. "You the same person who during 3 months to election felt that Ghanaians are poor and so gave them free utility. Just two months after elections, you feel Ghanaians are so rich that they can pay astronomical taxes." He bemoaned.

He implicitly went to the stretch of saying that the philosophy of the NDC, the Big Push, should be adopted by the government in face of this crisis, and not 'big pull'. Speaking further, he lambasted the NPP government that even Joe Biden is emulating the "big push" of the NDC, but the government is practicing the exact opposite of it.

These were the words of Hon. Sam George; "Donald Trump who did not even believe in the Covid menace gave out cheques. In fact, Joe Biden is basically copying the manifesto of the NDC, he has a big push in the United States, about $4 trillion. You put money in the system, you do not take money the people in times of crises. Let us hold the government accountable to their words. They the same government who told us they are among the top best three managers of Covid-19 on the globe."

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