Why We Need Sick Bays in Our Basic Schools


When kids leave home for school, their total well-being remains in the care of school authorities even though the schools' major responsibility is to ensure teaching and learning.

As pupils spend much of their day time in school, it has become very necessary that sick bays be made available in basic schools as it's done in some senior high schools.

Basic schools must be in the position to take proper care of pupils in the absence of parents especially in this period of global pandemic.

A Sick bay can be a room set aside within a school purposely to treat minor illness or give proper first aid when the need arise. Sometimes what a child may need is a good first aid to sustain life before a referral is made.

To ensure the utmost health of children in basic Schools, sick bays which is very common in senior high schools should be made available in the basic schools to ensure pupils are always in good health.

Because there are no sick bays in our basic schools, pupils are usually sent home when they complain of ill health.

Sick bays will benefit basic schools especially those in rural communities where health centers are not readily available. People always have to trek for miles to seek healthcare.

Roads leading to schools in these communities are mostly in deplorable state and if the unforseen occurs, a well-equipped sick bay can provide the all important first aid needed. Sick pupils wouldn't have to travel to seek healthcare on minor illnesses when sick bays are available.

As pupils play around in schools, accidents and minor injuries may occur. A school will be in a position to handle some of these issues if only they have a well-equipped sick bay.

Kumordjie newshub-gh@operanewshub.com