Ona Is A Zwide, The Truth Is Out

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Isaac shows his vulnerable side and expresses his regret for having to fire his daughter Ona from her position at the House of Zwide fashion dynasty. He hopes that this would help Ona find new work there. He makes one last attempt to convince Funani to give Ona his job back by pleading with him to do so. It has been determined that Ona will continue working for Funani after taking some time off. Ona would agree to Funani's request to return when he paid a visit to her home and made the request in person. Because Funani is less anxious about Ona at this point, Ona is able to make faster progress toward completing her Jozi Fashion Week masterpiece.


Tensions between Faith and the interns at House of Zwide, which had already been elevated to a high level, increased after Ona's arrival. It has been decided that House Of Zwide will award a full-time position to the intern who turns in the most impressive design during the course of their internship. At this time, Ona represents the greatest threat.

A startling revelation that has the potential to dramatically reshape Ona's destiny is made about the time when the proceedings reach their halfway point. After Ona finds out the truth about her father, it will have a devastating effect on her family, and she will never look at Isaac in the same way again. Nkosi performs a DNA paternity test on infant Busi in front of the child's father without his knowledge. Nkosi is concerned that the consequences of his actions would fall on his family, so Funani begins an investigation to unearth the facts. Faith relies on deception to keep herself safe while Isaac is preoccupied with dealing with the horrors from his past.



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