Man Arrested For Sleeping With His 2years-old Niece. [See More Details]

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In Benue, a man is accused of defiling his 2-year-old niece.

The police have detained a 28-year-old man for allegedly defiling his 2-year-old niece on Okokoro road in Otukpo, Benue state, according to police reports.

Ukan Kurugh, a Benue activist, claimed that the suspect is the victim's uncle, according to the report. He went on to say that the incident occurred on Saturday, January 15, and that he was present.

According to Kurugh, the suspect, who sees his niece on a daily basis, allegedly contaminated her child in her sitting room after she left the infant with him while she washed products for her business, according to Kurugh.

Accordng to Kurugh he said:

I received a phone call from a woman yesterday who informed me that her two-year-old daughter had been raped by her uncle, who is 28 years old. The incident is believed to have occurred on the 15th of January, 2021, along Okokoro Road in Otukpo.

The mother told me, through my informant, that her step brother was a frequent visitor to the house, and as a result, her kid had developed a strong attachment to him.

Consequently, when he returned on this particular day, she confidently left them in the parlor while she went to wash the containers that she used to package Zobo and kunu Aya for sale.

Her instincts told her that something was awry, and she went inside to check on her kid, which she later confirmed.

When she walked through the door, she noticed the Man sleeping with the infant, who was bathed in sweat.

After she had collected the infant from him, she inquired as to what had happened to her baby. He was deafeningly quiet.

She then inquired of her infant as to what was wrong, and the little baby responded that it was her uncle who had caused her bumbum to be in pain.

It has been repeatedly inquired of the newborn girl as to where the uncle had touched her, and each time she has placed her hand on her private area.

A medical examination at the hospital reveals bruising and blood clots in her private area, which she has had for some time. In addition, the video was shared to me while she was sobbing in pain during the inspection.)

According to the vigilante, the culprit was captured and confessed that this was his first time doing this type of crime. (This was also captured on video, which has been made available as well.)

When they discovered cannabis (Igbo) on him, he attempted to flee, but was apprehended and re-arrested by the vigilante group.

However, I was informed by my contact person that some sort of discussions or shady activities were taking place in the background of the case in order to settle it out of the public sight. As soon as I became aware of the situation, I immediately contacted Hon. George Alli, the no-nonsense Executive Chairman of Otukpo Local Government, whom I know and admire because of his intolerance for such occurrences. As soon as he became aware of the situation, Hon George Alli immediately acted by drawing the attention of the police, who subsequently apprehended and detained the vigilantes. Hon George Alli has personally taken on the responsibility of assisting the police in whatever way is necessary for the proper investigation and prosecution of this matter. The perpetrator will be charged in court at the earliest opportunity tomorrow and will be detained until every other process is carried out under the watchful eyes of a tenacious opponent of rape and social vices. MC Kpakpakpa


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