Kenya Power Employees And Their Spouses Set For Forensic Audit

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Kenya power and lighting company has ordered its employees to present their financial and assets records.

According to a statement issued by the general manager in human resource and adminstration Cecilia Kalungu,each employee must provide their bank and Mpesa statements for the last six months for fresh vetting starting on Monday.

The Kenya power and lighting utility company will be vetting all its employees afresh in an exercise set to kick off immediately after receiving their wealth declaration documents.

The revelations are contained in a report by auditor general Nancy Gathungu for the year to June 30,reflecting a deep financial crisis at the state corporation.

Kenya power and lighting company,launched a probe into online scammers who are fond of stealing the company’s revenue by selling discounted pre-paid tokens.

Kenya power and lighting company has been recording huge looses that has forced the government to take measures in order to protect the company from loosing its benefits landing into individuals pockets.

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