If She is confused about what she feels for you, do these to win her heart


You need to do everything at your disposal to woo her. Flowers are always a great starter, kind poems, love letters, giving gifts and so on.

Make sure she spends more tiime with you not someone else! Ask her to meet with you, or workout with you, or whatever you want just make sure she can spend time with you and that will help her decide if she likes you.

Make sure you always look your best, everything needs to be perfect from top to bottom.

You need to make her laugh.

No way around this one of the best aphrodisiac is laughter, get her giggling and she shall be wet soon enough (yes, wet down there .

Be the first, open doors for her,

Help her if you think she is having trouble with something, study with her or suprise her at work, anything really depends on what she likes.

Be spontaneous, suggest her new things that makes her curious, museum ? Art gallery? Why not? Strange lunch spot - hell yes. Use your hands! Having your hands slide down her back or gently touching her arms at times when you talk again does wonders, gets her excited.


Unless you need to go to dentist first, nobody wants to see yellow teeth and bad breath or crooked teeth.

Be honest .

Blatant honesty is hard to find these days, by being honest you are showing confidence and you know what women feel about confident man? (Yes, you guessed it, fuck me right now)

Always be positive! Nobody wants to have sex with a pessimistic asshole, just be positive.

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