The Kenkey Seller by Quamina MP – Check Medikal and Fella Makafui’s skit


So, for over a week now, Quamina MP has been flooding his handles with Kenkey Seller posts. Those that didn’t know the act more than 2 years ago landed at many wild imaginations.

Some people thought the artiste has exchanged blows over kenkey with the seller. To others also, perhaps he has fought some guys over a kenkey seller.

The fact is, it is a song he released in 2018, yeah. The current wave from the term is rather for a remix where he has featured Medikal. And guess what, Fella Makafui and her husband have made their own skit. Perhaps they wanted Medikal to praise the real Ama with the endowed behind instead of the ones in the official video, oh, I’m sure.

The theme for the remix talks about a guy (Medikal) who goes out to buy Kenkey from a seller (Fella Makafui) he admires. Therefore, he doesn’t go there to buy food actually, but to flirt and look for love.

Well, actually, food sellers have a lot of suitors. Most of these suitors are hustlers on the streets too because such women fit into their definition of hardworking woman. That’s the exact setting and or idea that surround Kenkey Seller, except that this seller has curves and tend to serve the customer more than just the food, yeah.

Pleased with the skit from the Frimpong family, he shared “Too moch love from my bro Medikal! Best skit ever!!!”


Well, you can watch the official video of the song below.

Story by:S.A.Kingsley.