SAPS Officer Was Spotted Praying For A Dangerous Suspect

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The image shows an incident where a police officers is seen praying for perpetrator of crime, it is believed that the suspect is a serious criminal who has been conducting criminal activities for quite some time now to such an extent where the police are basically taking him into police custody in order to stop him from doing crime.

But it seems like the suspect is someone who has been doing his criminal ways and has been apprehended so many times to an extent where the police are basically tired of having to arrest him several times, and that is why he went on to started to pray for him.

Now members of the public are seeing a very strange incident, they would rather see the perpetrators of crimes being locked up than having incidences where they are receiving prayer many people are not happy with the way things are happening.

It has been revealed that the suspect is someone who does robberies in the area this time around the police officer upon apprehending him told him to sit down so that he can pray for him to stop his criminal ways, apparently that is the reason why the police officer was seen praying for him.

But of course the ordinary members of the public are concerned with the pain that the suspect has inflicted and that is why they relish the thought of having one of these perpetrators of crimes locked up for a very long time, because that is how rewarding it is to the ordinary members of the public who have to be facing the perpetrators of crimes who are basically causing all these problems.

The police encourage ordinary members of the public who might have information that could lead to the arrest of suspects who are to involved in criminal activities to come forward, and give up that information so that the suspects can be brought to justice.

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