Opinion:To Avoid Prisoner To Date Each Other Same Gender They Must Allow Partners To Visit Prison

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Mzansi Has one of the strict which restrict the prisoner to have there partners to continue the relationship inside the prison and enjoy all the freedom.

This has indirectly make people to develop same gender relationship which is the case in the prison cell below are pictures.


For some reason that I can't understand, it allows fools, murderers, racists and all you can think of that doesn't have logical sense TO SHINE LIKE A DIAMOND in the name of best constitution in the world.

When you talk clowns of RET and naysayers of EFF will tell you that he's exercising his freedom of expression.

Maybe prison is not that bad of an option. No tax worries, no bills, food is provided, clothes are provided.

And you missed the fact that who took the video and how it managed to be smuggled in cell.



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