Things You Perhaps Didn't Know About Iconic Radio Presenter Fred Obachi


Throughout the ages of the country, the Media industry has produced incredible radio and TV presenters and journalists, as we continue getting new and young faces in the media industry we still have legends who are still serving us with classic entertainment, and Fred Obachi Machoka being one of them

Fred Obachi Machoka was born on the 27th of October in 1949 in Gesusu in Nyaribari Masaba constituency and currently, he is 71 years old, he is popular for hosting a show dubbed "roga roga" aired on both Citizen TV and radio

The tremendous star has been in the media industry since 1975, he is now serving more than 40 years in media houses, 1975 he won the "Sanyo" competition creating himself a chance to promote Sanyo electronics, within two years Sanyo electronics became top-selling and popular in the country, he later transferred to Kenya Broadcasting company by then the voice of Kenya

At one point uncle, Fred worked as a General Service Unit soldier at the northern frontier where he served for four years, in college Fred Obachi did public relations and advertising

He joined royal media's citizen radio In 2002 and currently, he is serving on both citizen radio and TV

Obachi is married to Sophie Machoka a retired teacher, they are blessed with 4 grown children, Machoka owns a ranch in Isinya in Kajiado, the ranch is composed of horse riding, children playing ground and wedding grounds

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