Gorgeous Celebs Who Were Brutally Dumped in Worst Ways

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Dumped isn't easy for anybody, but it's especially difficult for celebs. It's a plus if they can take their enormous wages and jet off to a tropical island to heal their hearts. The paparazzi follow them about attempting to acquire images of them appearing unhappy or distraught. Add to it the fact that most celebrity relationships are public, meaning many fans don't want to see their favorite pair split up, and you've got a mess. Who wants that type of publicity when you're grieving over a broken heart?

Given that, you'd think celebs would know the difficulties of splitting up in public and keep things respectful and private. It turns out celebrities aren't always the friendliest when it comes to breaking up. When it comes to terminating a relationship, some of them might be startlingly bad.

Katy Perry

Terminating a marriage is more difficult than ending a romance. The latter requires a higher degree of commitment, and your lives are frequently significantly more entwined. Russell Brand and Katy Perry had a whirlwind romance and married soon, but it appeared to work for them. Until it wasn't. Rather of having a mature talk, Russell Brand chose to dissolve their marriage by text.

Katy Perry revealed to Vogue that she hasn't heard from him since he texted her on December 31, 2011. Yikes! What a cruel way to start your partner's year. Imagine intending to ring in the new year, full of hope for the future, only to be texted about your impending divorce. How chilly.

Ariana Grande

Many singers strive to get into a specific zone before performing to ensure a fantastic performance. They like to be left alone so they can concentrate. Sadly, Ariana Grande's ex did not receive the memo. Previously, she dated Jai Brooks. He couldn't wait till they had a private opportunity to end things - he had to do it right now.

“The worst way I've been broken up with was definitely through a text message the opening night of my tour just before I was about to walk on stage,” Grande said. Oh no! Breaking up with someone by text is bad enough, but why would you do it before they walked on stage, especially on the opening night of their major tour? Jai Brooks, you're a brat.

Kelly Khumalo

Due to her friendship with the late Bafana Bafana captain Senzo Meyiwa, who died in 2011, the Empini singer has received a great deal of criticism. We haven't forgotten, though, that he was the one who put her through a difficult breakup.

The two were together when Senzo was still married to Mandisa Mkhize, and their relationship was subjected to a great deal of public attention. However, the player finally returned to his wife after abandoning Kelly, who was pregnant with their daughter at the time of his departure.

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