Two chelsea players that can bench Reece james next season.(opinion)


Chelsea defender Reece james has been one of the best defenders in English premier league after graduating from chelsea academy few years ago.

James always plays as a right back and since the time Tomas tuchel was appointed as chelsea head coach he has been impressive in all competitions.

Two chelsea players that can bench Reece james next season are Hudson odoi and ceaser azplicueta.

Chelsea captain ceaser azplicueta is among the oldest players at stafford bridge. He has been outstanding for the club and his experience and hard work will make him unstoppable next season.

Azplicueta is versatile that's why Tomas tuchel always uses him in different positions on the field. His leadership skills helps him to arrange other players well during tough matches. This player can bench Reece james next season if Tomas tuchel gives him more playing time.

Another player that can bench Reece james is Hudson odoi. This player has been outstanding for chelsea since the time he graduated from the academy.

His dribbling skills and speed helps him to pressurize opponents defence line easly during different games. This player is also versitile that's why Tomas tuchel plays him in different positions during match time. This player will do everything to make sure that Reece james starts from the bench next season.



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