Raila Has All Reasons To Worry As Opinion Polls Reveal What Might Happen To Him

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Selling Raila Odinga in Kenya is now turning to be a very task that might end in vain following random poll results exposed by The Star. It has been revealed that despite Raila being supported by 30 governors, President Uhuru Kenyatta and the deep state, DP Ruto is still thrashing Raila in random polls.

This is something that sends a threatening message to Raila's camp reminding them that they still have a very long way to go. This is because Raila is still having less supporters since he is yet to find something that he will use to properly convince Kenyans to vote for him. According to The Star, DP Ruto beat Raila by 11% of the votes.

It has been revealed that if elections were held today, DP Ruto will get 46.1% while Raila Odinga will get 35.1% of the votes. Kalonzo and Mudavadi will tie from behind where Mudavadi will have 2.4% while Kalonzo will get 1.4%.

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