'Siwezilea Mtu Lazy" Nyoxx Wa Katta Tells Fan After He Asked Her Whether She Can Tolerate Dull hubby

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Milcah Nyokabi Njuguna was born in 1972 from a very humble back ground in Miloleni village, Kabazi ward, Subukia constituency, Nakuru county in the former Rift Valley province in a family of five sibling. Just like other children from her area, she attended a day primary and secondary school before joining Kenya Institute of Media Study for a course in journalism.

Professionally, she have grown from grass to grace, started with reading death announcement and recording voice classified during advertisement at Coro Fm before graduating to hosting her own show. Currently she works at Inooro Fm, an affiliate station of Royal Media Service and broadcasts breakfast program 'Hagaria' on every weekday from 6am to 10am.

In her facebook page, the outspoken Nyoxx have blasted a man who have asked her whether she can provide some basic need for a lazy hubby who spend most of his time at home sleeping and watching movies. "Nitangojea kila kitu kiishe Kwa nyumba na nimuache niwe nikila hotelini." She said.

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