Eazzy reveals when she will get pregnant


Wengezer hitmaker, Mildred Ashong , known in the Music industry as Eazzy Babe, has disclosed that, she is desperate in getting pregnant this vals day in President of Ghana , Nana Akufo Addo reintroduce Lockdown in the country as like what happened in March 17th 2020.

Valentine day is the mark as a day where love is shown to our love ones. Many youth in Ghana celebrate by gifting their Boyfriends with sex. This has got many netizens to think that is what Eazzy is planning to do since she is not married and always claim she is single.

In the Spark of Corona virus pandemic rise, many Ghanaians fear the president will reintroduce lockdown to prevent people from celebrating vals day but the President banned social gatherings like funerals and weddings instead to decrease the rise of the virus.

in Eazzy's tweet," All these contradicting rules for covid thing just dey stress my nipples !Ugh if we go into lockdown paa dier i go preg this vals p333"

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