Uhuru Succession Takes New Twist As This Leader From Mt Kenya Set Do This Ahead of 2022


President Uhuru Kenyatta has been the spokesperson for the entire Mt Kenya region. Being the Kingpin of the region, he has been directing and advising all leaders from the region. We have remained with a year to the next election but President Uhuru has not declared his successor.

Speaker of National Assembly honorable Justine Muturi has been eyeing for the seat. Early this year the legislator was installed as Mt Kenya East spokesman. His coronation took place in Meru County led by Njuri Ncheke elders.

The leader is set to be away for about eight days. According to the sources, Elders from Njuri Njeke and Ngome will witness the ceremony.

Speaker Justine Muturi is confident in replacing President Uhuru in 2022. He has been meeting different leaders and stakeholders in strengthening his backyard. According to the information provided with Tv47, the leader is set to take a break leaving his deputy in control.

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