An old man spent 30 years in a shack without windows and doors, now his dignity has been restored

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An African Philantroprenuer Collen Mashawana (@collenmashwane) has shared a story that had many of his followers emotional as they’ve to witness life-changing moments. Whereby Mkhulu Thabethe was blessed with a new home, following living under dire conditions for three decades of his life. This isn’t something that any person should go through, as they don’t have access to basic needs in their life. A hopeless situation that Mkhulu Thabethe found himself in has been changed around by Mashawana alongside his great team. Without any doubt, he’s passionate about changing and improving the lives of Africans. Such human beings have to be protected from everything that messes with their mission in life.

According to the Infrastructure Development Sector member, Mkhulu Thabethe didn’t have access to water, electricity, and sanitation. His shack didn’t have doors and windows, which made it difficult for him to live his life accordingly. On top of that, he had to ask the neighbours to allow him to use their toilet, as he didn’t have one in his place. “Mkhulu Thabethe had been staying in a dilapidated shack with no windows and doors for over 30 years. Mkhulu’s shack had no electricity, water and most importantly he did not have a toilet and therefore used the neighboring tavern's toilet. Today we gifted him with a new home,” said Mashawana on his official Twitter account.

However, thanks to the good Samaritans who worked on this superb project that saw Mkhulu Thabethe smiling and grateful for the help he has got in his life. Now, he will sleep in a house that has everything that he needs, from a bathroom to a bedroom and kitchen as well as new furniture. Mkhulu Thabethe can pinch himself every time he wakes up at his beautiful home. Without any doubt, his dignity has been restored and the excitement was written on his face. The whole 30 years of suffering is out of the window.

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Date: 17/11/2021

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