What Next For Kenyans As Covid-19 Vaccine Supply Diminishes Globally


Question rising daily about the Covid-19 vaccine as the government have done what they had to do to protect its citizens from this deadly virus. (Photo| courtesy)

So far, the number of people that have been vaccinated from the virus is over four hundred thousand(400,000) and millions of Kenyans are yet to receive the dose. This comes after the global supply continue to diminish. (Photo| courtesy)

Many have struggled to get the vaccine recently as it appears that it has also reduce locally unlike when it was being administered at first.

Netizens have reacted saying why can't the government do something at least to manufacture our own vaccine and focus more on treatment of the people affected that vaccination. Here are some of their tweets


1. Positivity rate only depicts the rich..poor people aren't tested..7k for food ama kudungwa mapua? 

2. Vaccines are going to be a business soon if they haven't already 

3. Some people still believe corona is a myth 

4. This govt is eating its own people!!

Ed is Mbugua: Why is @MOH_Kenya so focused on the vaccination, why can't GoK focus more on the treatment? Why is it currently a crime to talk/give progress on the actual Covid-19 treatment?

Leonell Mwangi: Me and my wife have been searching for this vaccine for the last two weeks but all in vain. Where can we be vaccinated ? We are over 58 years old .(Photo| courtesy)

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