7 Fashion Moments Shared By Obi Cubana & His Wife To Inspire Couples [Photos]

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A popular Nigerian Businessman identified as Obi Cubana is regarded as a fashionista who loves rocking nice outfits. Most outfits wore by Obi Cubana and his wife might inspire couples who love fashion.

This article consists of some inspiring fashion moments of Obi Cubana with his lovely wife, looking at how they inspired us with their fashion sense.


The above couple appearance is a simple party or dinner attire. Seeing the above photo, I noticed how the couple rocked their black top, having the same design and colour, which matched them as couple.

Also, they rocked a jean trouser, which is the perfect type of trouser to wear for such a top. The wife rocked a blue jean, which we know blue and black are perfect matching colour to each other, and the hubby went of black and black, and the colour did great by complimenting his skin tone.

I also love the colour or their choice of colour for footwear, whereby the hubby rocked a white canvas and the wife rocked a black canvas, this to me is the perfect mixing of colour that perfects their appearance, and also rocking a canvas, is the perfect footwear for such attire.

Their appearance can be tried by couples who want to look outstanding when dressed for any form of dinner date or evening parties.


I so much admire their native appearance above, as the hubby wore a bright and well sewn all white senator attire, coupled with his red cap, which we all know that red and white are good matching colour. He also wore a black foot wear (shoe), also a perfect matching colour for his appearance, and also compliment his skin tone.

The wife wore a two piece sewn gown, having some colours of designs, made her appearance to also glow. Colours on her gown did a good job to compliment her skin tone, and made her glow well. Their couple appearance above is perfect for any outdoor ceremonies, and even Sunday events.


Above is a sweet and unique all White native appearance, that made the couple look perfect for each other. Also the styling on the wife attire, is another great designing and top creativity, that's worth copying by mothers and other women who value fashion.

Such appearance above is perfect for couples when stepping out for any outdoor events like, wedding ceremony, friends hangout and even Sunday Church Service. Couples who are lovers of White, should try the above and look stunning when stepping out.


White and red are good matching colours, and also perfect for any skin tone. Every one can look stunning in a White and red, but your styling also matters. In the above, the hubby wore an all native white senator, White a black shoe, which is perfect for his appearance.

And the lady wore a red gown, which compliments the hubby's white attire, which is a perfect fashion statement for couples. I also admire the colour of wig wore by the wife, as it perfects her skin tone also. Who would have taught the brown colour wig will suit the red? But it did perfect, so it should give a new idea to fashionistas.


The above is a simple white and black, is a perfect dinner wear for couples. The hubby wore a simple white jean and black top, coupled with his black cap, and his white canvas, which made him look perfect for any dinner event.

Also love the long black simple gown of the lady, and coupled with a dotted White which gave her a bright appearance, and also her black handbag made her look wowing. Their appearance above is perfect for any form of dinner party, and couples should copy such when stepping out for dinner events.


Another sweet dinner gown for couples above. So much admire the lady gown with much designs on them, making the lady look wow, and also her dark red colour wig went well to perfect her appearance also.

The hubby's outfit, made her look wowing as it did great to compliment the wife's appearance. The above is perfect for any outdoor dinner event for couples.


Which couple won't love to look so wowing like the appearance above. I so much love the "Queen" and "King" design on the black gown of the couple, which can add a new idea to some couples to try out.

All the above appearance are perfect for couples to try out when stepping out. Just take your time and scan through the above fashion inspirations, so you can gain new fashion ideas, so you try out with your partner when stepping out.

Photo Credit: Instagram / obi_cubana, lush_eby.

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