4 Foods that Could Lead to Chronic Health Conditions When Taken in Excess

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As much as certain types of foods can help in making a person look younger and live longer, there are some that could be the major causes of early death.

A lot of people have found it really hard to figure out these foods that could lead to early death, well in this article, I am going to be shining more light on these types of foods that could lead to certain chronic health conditions

1. Sugary Foods

It is a common habit for a lot of people to consume sugar. It has become one of the major food for numerous people and what many parents now give their kids in order to quench their crying taste.

But according to studies, the more discoveries are made on sugar, the more it's disadvantages comes along side. Sugar is the major cause of Diabetes, a chronic health condition that has lead to death of millions of people around the world.

Diabetes is a chronic health conditions that some people suffer, most times when it gets to its advanced stages, it could lead to Amputation of the affected part of the body.

On most cases, after this, it only takes a few years before those affected passes away. Although I am not saying this to scare you but Diabetes actually has no permanent cure now and it is a life no one would want to live.

2. Fried Foods

Fried Foods is another type of food that has a lot of disadvantages to the body. Any type of healthy food can be fried, be it chicken, potatoes or even yam.

When you do this, it becomes dangerous to the body. According to Healthline.com, Eating Fried chicken, potatoes or even yam could increase your chances of cancer, it also has unhealthy fats which could lead to heart related issues.

It is best you go for other healthier methods of preparing these types of food like putting your chicken in the oven or grilling your chicken meat.

3. Junk Foods

Junk Foods may include foods that are baked or fried. Some common junk Foods are pizza, it is said to be the most popular junk food. According to studies, eating junk foods could increase the number of calories in your body.

Most junk foods are also relatively high sugar and trans fats which could lead to obesity, increase risk of Diabetes or health related conditions.

4. Processed Meats

In the aspect of meats, processed meats like sausages, hot dogs etc are all unhealthy for the body. Eating these types of food over a long period of time could lead to chronic health conditions including cancer.

It can also lead to heart related issues or even diabetes which could all lead to Early Death.

Bottom line

Although taking these types of food in small quantities when on an event may have no effect on your health but it is also recommended that if you have other healthier options, go for them instead of these Unhealthy foods.

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