"I Thought Handshake was Still Intact" Kenyans Laugh as ODM Team Get Harsh Treatments in Kisii


Following the latest news which has been shared out by Raila's online soldier Robert Alai, it has come to the attention of many on what leaders from ODM party are experiencing in Kisii County.

The party Secretary General himself Edwin Sifuna is one of the leaders who have tested the worst of the worst by the state in his efforts to push for the campaigns of ODM candidate for vacant Bonchari seat in the by-election.

With just the reports from the famous blogger Robert Alai, the police officers have been spotted leaving the very same place where ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna had spent the night to election day.

This somehow indicates how strict the police officers are to those from the Raila's camp since this is not the fast time such news of frustrations to ODM team has emerges online.

Almost similar outcries have been made by the those from Raila's camp led by Edwin Sifuna for the last three to four days, claiming of various frustrations and intimidations being done to them by the state.

This has even left a number of Kenyans to fail to understand on how and why all these are happening to ODM team in Bonchari besides being the immediate handshake partners to the Jubilee government being accused of such frustrations and intimidations.

Below are some of the reactions from Kenyans concerning the treatment being handed to Raila's team in Bonchari by their political brother's team.

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