"Aki hiyo Nywele Si Ya Rashid" Neticens React After Lulu Hassan Shared This Video

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Lulu Hassan and her husband Rashid Abdala have natured many talents through their local television series. They are the brain behind the popular Swahili series we see in Citizen TV every day. Among the popular ones we had Maria and now Zora that has taken Kenyan airwaves by storm.

The Swahili telenovela usually run from 7:30pm to 8:00pm every Monday to Friday on Citizen television. It has attracted viewers from all ages but it is so popular among children and ladies.The actors are very talented and also its storyline is also educative.

Lulu Hassan and her husband have received accolades and even awards from their well performing Swahili drama series like Maria and Aziza.

Today Lulu Hassan went ahead on her Instagram page to express her excitement about a news anchor who was anchoring news emitating Rashid Abdala of Citizen television. She congratulated them hence they did well, showing their outstanding performance.

Here is the post which Lulu Hassan shared that elicited mixed reaction among many;

With the post Lulu Hassan shared many reacted where they shared their comments below;What do you think behind the matter? Kindly follow us for more information.

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