I Observed That In A Pharmacy Shop Some Customers Don't Want Others To See What They're Buying -Sani

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Shehu Sani, who is a Nigerian senator, an author, playwright, and a human rights activist, has taken to his official Facebook handle to his observation regarding how some customers act while buying things in a pharmacy shop.

According to the President of the Civil Rights Congress of Nigeria, Shehu Sani, he claimed that some customers while buying something in a pharmacy shop don't want other customers to see what they are buying probably because they felt ashamed of what they are buying, adding that such people can patiently wait to be the last person to buy after all other customers has bought and left.

According to Shehu Sani, he said, "I observed that in a pharmacy shop some customers don't want other customers to see what they want to buy, and they can patiently wait to pay last on the queue".

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This is a funny one from Shehu Sani, and if you ask me, I would say I stand with Shehu Sani on this, most people, especially the ladies when buying something from a pharmacy shop, don't want other customers to see what they are buying, especially when they want to use the item for something bad.

This particular statement made by Shehu Sani has attracted a lot of attention as many Nigerians took to the comment box to share their thoughts.

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