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An articulated bus, which can be either a motor bus or a trolley bus, is a public transportation vehicle with more than one axle. It is also called a wiggle wagon, stretch bus, bendy bus, tandem bus, vestibule bus, and accordion bus.

It's usually a single-decker with two or more rigid parts connected by a pivoting joint (articulation) and protected by bellows on the inside and outside and a floor plate. This means that they can be longer than rigid-bodied buses, which means they can carry more people (94–120) while still being easy to turn.

When it comes to accidents in cities, articulated buses are more likely to be in them than regular buses. This is especially true in places with narrow streets and sharp turns. Estimates show that articulated buses cause more than five times as many accidents with pedestrians and more than twice as many accidents with bikes as other buses in London.

When they made up about 5% of London's bus fleet, articulated buses were responsible for 20% of all bus-related deaths. This information led to their eventual replacement. But these safety numbers might be skewed because the buses ran on the busiest routes in the most crowded parts of the city, making them look worse than the buses they replaced.

Even though bus accidents don't happen very often, one articulated bus was cut in half, which got people talking on social media.

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