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Lerato Mvelase is an entertainer who has overcome a lot. She says that her story should inspire others to keep going no matter how hard things get.

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This week, Lerato talked about the difficulties of trying to break generational condemnations on Instagram.

"This part of my life is incredibly, unbelievably hard. I've been through every bad feeling you can think of. As I type this, I'm crying just like I was at that age, which is breaking the most awful sentences in my family tree, and it's hard.

"In fact, Satan is fighting me just by being around me in important parts of my life, like money, relationships, meeting a good man, my family's health, etc., but I stand in prayer and confidence that I'm the divinely chosen person," she wrote.

Lerato told her fans what her mom had told her, and she urged them not to let life's obstacles get in the way of their dreams.

"My mom told me, 'Lele, don't let Satan turn you away from what's in store for you.' And here I am, standing like the lioness I am, holding back to get to my high place as I strut into the most exciting time of my life. The moral of the story is, "Let yourself go through it. Shout if you need to, cry if you need to, rest if you need to, but don't give up."

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