The Angry Barcelona Fan.


For Barcelona to have lost to Real Madrid has kept Barcelona fan angry, Messi made seven shot, which is more than any other league without scoring a goal, despite Casemiro's red card which gave Messi a free-kick and a chance to equalize the game, but he didn't.

Karim Benzema scored the first goal with cheeky backheel and the second goal which made it 2-1 was made by Toni Kroos with a free-kick, Madrid could have made it 3 or even 4 if not for the post, while Barcelona created nothing in the half.

Barcelona fan best moment would have come when Lionel Messi took a direct corner and hit the post, which was so embarrassing to watch, and fan praying for miracle for Barcelona to get even a point from the game.

Madrid had to play the period of injury with only ten men after Casemiro was given two yellow cards in a space of two minutes, which is not enough for Barcelona to score a goal, Barcelona fan complain about penalty but Barcelona is the author of their own downfall