3 Common Reasons Why Many Youths Venture Into Internet Fraud

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Many innocent youths have become internet fraudsters today all because they want make fast money and live a good life. They want quick money with less labour and cybercrime offers that despite the fact that the victim and the scammer are miles apart from each other. 

Imagine a youth who sits at home, glued to a smartphone or laptop, impersonates someone else, defrauds his victims of their hard earned money. These kind of people I just described are cybercriminals otherwise known as 'Yahoo boys' and I will be stating below the common causes why we have many youths indulging in it today. 

1. Laziness and unwillingness to do tough jobs

Laziness is the bedrock of poverty and we all know there's no food for a lazy man. Many of our youths are not willing to take up the tough jobs in the society like Farming etc forgetting that not everyone will end up getting a white collar job. Hence, they resort to cybercrime since it doesn't require working nine to five or sweating in the sun.

However, this does not excuse their purpose of indulging in fraud. We have so many online jobs they can take up like writing articles for Opera News, freelancing and many more. Most of them want to cruise in expensive rides and live big like celebrities do but they want to shortcut their way to success rather than working hard. 

2. Unemployment

This is arguably one of the greatest setbacks which graduates and job seekers in the country are facing today. Although the government has the larger percentage of the fault by not providing adequate employment but we also need to start using our creativity to invent jobs in order to be independent and live our dreams.

For example, the CEO of Facebook, Mike Zuckerberg would not be in the position he is today if he buried his creativity by establishing a good social media platform. He even created more employments for other people by doing this. 

3. Many want to be self employed

Majority of our youths don't want to answer 'Yes sir or Yes boss' again and this makes them take up cybercrime which makes them work and cashout alone. They now prefer to be independent. It's not bad to be one's boss but it is better to be independent with a legal job. 

What do you think we can do to curb and stop people from enagaging in this criminal activity?

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