Remember Yvette Obura, Here is Where She is Now

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Bahatis baby mama Yvette Obura is such a beauty and has recently been stunning the internet with her fire mama pictures poses.Yvette who is the mother of Mueni Bahati the first daughter of celebrated musician Bahati is a good soul in and out.Although her and Bahati separated and have both moved on ,she has ensured that her daughter remains InTouch with her birth father and that the get to meet over more frequently.Yvette also treats Diana Bahati very nicely and even recently on Diana's birthday Yvette posted her on Instagram thanking her for being a nice bonus mum to Mueni.In the post Diana replies thanking her for making it easy for her to love Mueni.

When Mama Mueni was dating Bahati she was a plus woman but she found the need to lose some weight and now she is all pimp and slim looking. Yvette says it was not very easy losing weight and it was a very hard decision to maintain a small weight but she had to try.

Recently Yvette has opened a fashion line called Yvett fashion and is proudly a growing business woman.She has also moved on from Bahati and has since found a new man who she says is comfortable with.

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