Why Women Are Mostly The Cause Of Relationship Failures


In every relationship there are ups and downs. Both partners have a role to play in whatever it is that's the problem, and both partners are involved in every situation. Many times have we seen and heard about relationship failure's. People have their own opinions on why, and who is responsible.

Come to think of it, both genders always blame the other person as the cause. But do you know that women are mostly the one's who cause the problem. Seriously people always blame guys for every single problem, and leave the women out of it. And if the man is responsible, who do you think it's because of? You see men cherish their woman, so if anything then it's because or for the woman.

Why Women are mostly the cause of relationship failure's, it's because of their character. Yes women are curious, obsessive, complicated, needy and a whole lot more. Also women are very jealous, and are the one's who first doubt their partner. Although most women would disagree, but it is the truth.

Being with a woman is really nice you know, it can be exciting and annoying at the same time. Women are really sensitive, so whenever they feel that their man is showing off a certain behavior. Then everything changes, they no longer trust, believe, and have faith in their partner. And for sure if you're a woman and you always question your man about unnecessary stuff, obviously things are gonna change. Women have a had time trusting someone because, of their fear that their going to be dumped. So this is the little thing that starts all the misunderstandings in every relationship. And eventually, the end result is relationship failure.


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